I am not Cinderella

smart women

We all grew up with Disney movies. We all grew up with the idea that we should meet prince charming, get married, and live in our palace happily for ever after. But when you are a grown up, you realize that your little pretty fairy tale is not true. When you grow up, there is no prince charming, no palace, not princess. Just forever Cinderella.

I am not the kind of girl that is always in a relationship, in fact, I cannot understand how there are some girls that have boyfriend after boyfriend. That does not mean that I don’t fall in love, on the contrary, I have a lot of crushes. I tend to like rebels, men that are always the center of attention. I guess I feel that if I am with them, I would get a little bit of the attention they receive. I, and a lot of women, tend to like the man that does not even look at us. We can have a lot of men, of good men, around us, a lot of “prince charming” that we decide are not boyfriend material, just friends. And then, there we are, crying in every corner, because “he” doesn’t love us back. Sometimes, we try to be that perfect girl, boys want. You know what I mean, that girl that is pretty and in fashion, but plays videogames, is stylish and unconcerned, without any restrictions and open minded. Taking care of the house, of the children. But are we really like that? or is just another way of trying to be what they want us to be.

Well, I think is time for us to go and domain the world. Who do you wanna be? I am not staying at home. I am going out and I am finding my own destiny. I wanna be known because of me, and not for the men I have by my side. In fact, I want him to be recognized because of me. Be presidents, be researchers, be astronauts, be doctors, be mothers, be sisters, be daughters, but most of all, BE YOURSELF, do not change to please anybody, specially, if you are doing it for a man. I think is time for us to step up, and enjoy ourselves. Why does it have to be them the masters of the game? Women are equal to men, and we need to put on the table our needs, fearless, as we are.  So ladies, don’t wait till tomorrow, do not wait for fairy godmother, go out there and run the world!


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